Intermediate Survey/Spot Survey

221B or bunker detective surveys are carried out by our surveyors on behalf of the charters to find concealed (hidden) bunker fuel on board.In order to prevent the loss of bunker fuel, our surveyors will offer impartial, independent quantity measurement inspection services for marine fuel, providing a detailed bunker survey report highlighting and assuring the not declared fuel on board.There are many ways to hide the bunkers: short bunker delivery, hidden compartments, altered sounding pipe lengths, magic pipes, altered sounding tables, sounding tapes not properly calibrated and Surveyors just accepting the Masters ROB as stated. Bunker detective surveys guarantee that fuel does not disappear after a charter period during off-hire survey, and that all fuel on board has been found and reported.

Our experienced Surveyors offer impartial, independent quantity measurement inspection services for Marine Fuels and issue detailed reports to confirm fuel quantity and quality. The reports help clients support bunker shortage and or quality disputes.Their experience also enables them to carry out effective Spot Surveys, which give the Owner a correct picture of the actual fuel quantities on board of the Vessel.

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