Our Team

It is our firm belief that well-trained personnel is a key factor for success. In our team / organization highly trained surveyors – excellently equipped to fulfill their/ your  task – work and train together in order to obtain the best results and solutions for our principals.

For this reason our surveyors increase their experience and know-how not only through daily practice but through ongoing technical training as well. We are grateful for feedback because we see it as an excellent opportunity to improve our knowledge and understanding and further strengthen our skills. Hence the knowledge that is extracted from these experiences is shared and stored within our organization.Our organization is annually bench marked to the highest criteria of the industry.

Trainings which aim to enhance the accountability and professionalism of our team in tandam with the increasing demands of the bunkering industry. Ongoing investments to further increase our know how of the marine surveying business is highly indispensable.

We therefore are confident that our expertise and integrity will greatly assist our principals in their business, whether it is : obtaining the right quantity and avoid shortage claims or doing a full on hire survey.

MCE Marine Surveyors B.V. offers a specialized service for your company.  We oblige ourselves to these high standards, to put your mind at ease and make your time and money a worthwhile investment

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